The Competition -

1) Participants are required to make a video on Yogic practices up to 3 minutes.

2) The participant may judiciously include within this 3 minutes duration the video of  Yogic practices (kriya, asana, pranayama, bandha or mudra) and optionally a short video message/ description on the said Yogic practices.

3) You will be judged on the basis of your performance or the level of content that you provide in the video and not on the basis of audio-visual production techniques.

4)Judging process: Judging will be carried out in two stages viz. Short Listing Processes and Final Evaluation. Entries will be shortlisted based on the video guidelines by Screening Committee and winners will be selected from the short list by a Jury consisting of prominent Yoga experts.

(P.S - the final round may be organized virtually or physically depending upon the Pandemic condition & Gov’t regulations)

Guidelines -

1) All entries for the first round must be in digital format (videos only).

2) The video should be made by a good quality mobile phone

3) The video submitted must be named in following format PARTICIPANT’S NAME – MOBILE NUMBER so if a candidate’s name is Rohan Singh and his mobile number is 1234567897, his video must be named ROHANSINGH-1234567897

4) Video should be made in landscape orientation only and should be recorded with sufficient clarity with a clear background for judgment purpose

5) No background music should be used in the video

Other terms and conditions:

1) The videos uploaded should strictly conform to the guidelines mentioned above.

2) Visuals/ words which are erroneous and misleading, and which may provoke communal, obscurantist, anti-scientific and anti-national attitudes will make the entry liable to be disqualified. The person/ persons in the video should be adequately clothed.

3) The display of obscene acts and exposures that deem to be indecent will be disqualified

4) An Applicant will be disqualified from the competition if it is found that he/ she is trying to influence any member of the jury or Patrons by way of writing letters, sending emails, making telephone calls, approaching in person or any other similar activity in this regard.

5) The Jury may seek clarifications on any aspect (including age) of an entry from the participant, and if the same is not furnished accurately within the given time, the entry could be disqualified.

6) The decisions of the Screening Committee and the Jury shall be final and binding on all participants and no correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

7) Videos provided by the Applicant will be deemed confidential and only used for competition or any other promotional purposes by the organizers. Applicants may understand that their consent for use of their videos by the organizers for any promotional activities in future is inherent and included in their act of submission of their entries to this competition.

8) The cost of making the video is to be borne by the applicant and NO reimbursement for the same will be given by the organizers

9) Participants submitting the videos for the competition are solely responsible for copyright regulations, if any. Their undertaking that the videos don’t infringe on any copyrights or intellectual property rights is inherent and included in their act of submission of their entries to this competition.

10) Any legal disputes arising out of the competition will be settled in courts of Delhi.